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Labyrinth Icons

Community for sharing all Labyrinth LJ Icons

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All Members , Moderated
Here are the rules for the community. Please follow them, or it's straight to the bog!!!

1. Labyrinth Icons Only - This is not a generic Icon board. You can post a few David or Jen Icons, but ONLY if you post them with Laby icons, or you are a frequent Laby poster. We don't want to flood this with pics of sexy jareth as the thin white duke..... *drools*. NO! So keep the unrelated icons to a minimum.

2. All icons must be credited - If you are taking one, at least put up a comment saying you have snuffled it for future use. If you find someone is stealing your icons, let us know. We don't want to have to change this to a Friends Only journal.

3. No more than 3 icons per post - That is, if you have more than three, put them behind a cut. It's not fair on those with slow servers to have 40 images to download. Also, if you are doing a cut, please at least put up a teaser. We would like to see a sample before we follow the links.

4. All entries must be tagged - Tag all your entries with at least your LJ user name and the names of the characters in the icons. You can also use additonal tags such as 'black and white', or 'animated. The list of tags is on the main journal page. Please try to use the same tags again and again to prevent confusion.